The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi. The curriculum is well planned & Graded as per the C.B.S.E. Our Young minds are provided with comprehensive academic curriculum which is equally supported by co-curricular activities which would gear them to be Logical, Analytical, Creative & Innovative. We inculcate in our children the love for learning with a congenial environment and our school prepares every little child by constantly training them through a varied array of hands-on-activities. These activities focus on instilling a sense of independent learning in every child and eventually gearing them for main stream schooling.


Pre- Primary School is 'home away from home' here in RMS, where education is based on play & learn concept. The tiny tots learn in an informal way with trained & experienced staff. Every child is allowed sufficient space to develop & blossom.


The foundation of development for the student is laid out primary level. The formal method of teaching is commenced at this stage. The academic subjects are discussed here with an equal mix of audio visual education, extra-curricular activities & field trips.


In Middle / High school students are prepared to deal with the CBSE curriculum and handle the CCE with more diligence's & meticulousness. We conduct regular Formative & Summative Assessment.
We believe that the students need to have hands on experience in learning. Regular field trips and Educational Visits are conducted to give them real life experiences. It gives a better expression & experience for young inquisitive mind.


The advanced technology would not be possible without brilliant and dedicated scientists and researchers. Many of them develop their lifelong interest in the field as soon as they performed their experiment in the lab of their school.
The intention of having a well-equipped science laboratory is to prepare its students for working or higher education, and also provide foundation for a future in the scientific and technological force.
Students are taken to Labs to give them extensive practical experience & to supplement the theoretical lessons learnt in the class rooms. It plays critical role in the lives of students and also encourages hands on experience and to make a scientific argument.


Mathematics laboratory in our school offers multiple teaching and learning aids as well as complete theme based ambience which helps students to visualize and feel Mathematics. Based on three pillars, Imagination, Investigation and Interaction, it provides an opportunity for students to Understand, Internalize, Discover and Verify the basic Mathematical and Geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The laboratory also encourages the students to think, discuss and assimilate concepts. Maths lab aims to enhance the Analytical & Cognitive Ability of the students.