RMS International School was founded in the year 2010, by the philanthropist couple, Dr M. Srinivas and Smt. Rathnamma. M.Srinivas While education has always imparted knowledge & developed the mind, the major function of it would be to inculcate in the student a desire to evolve.

Our founder couple always wanted our school to be a source of inspiration for joyful learning, playing & giving the best of experience. So RMS International School is the, place where the ,

Our School Affiliation number - 830372

Board of trustees

Mr. Venkatesh Babu Srinivas
Mrs. Sandhya Babu
Mr. Anil Kumar
Mrs. Chandrika Anil
Mrs. Sushma Srinivas

RMS Family welcomes you to the great process of education-building every student to the fullest potential.

Quality education is the only way to national development and contributing to a better world. RMSIS has started its journey in providing quality education to children.

It is through the ceaseless dedication and commitment of members of RMS Family that RMSIS has succeeded in realising many of its goals. Future is in the hands of our younger generation who have to make this institution grow further and gain more reputation.

We are delighted to write that RMSIS is bringing out the first edition of the school magazine “Youthoria”. We congratulate the principal, Editorial team , Staff and students for their efforts. We also wish them good luck in their future endeavours.