Management Speak

Chairman's Message


 placeholderThough giving a helping hand to anyone in the society is good, giving basic education is better. Moreover I feel, Quality Education is the foundation for building up Strong and Creative Personality in an individual. I wish every child of RMS International School family turns out to be a healthy and worthy citizen of our country.
At RMS, we strive to inculcate in our students values such as integrity, honesty, kindness, tolerance, perseverance and respect, values that will hold them in good stead at all times. We wish to promote a spirit of enquiry; to foster scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the student become a meaningful part of his / her environment and to see that courage and industrious have their due reward. We intend to extend our education system to encompass Degree and Technical Courses.


Secretary's Message


Dear Parent,

As the new academic year unfolds, it is my honour and privilege to welcome each one of you to RMS International School. Education of a child begins right from the day he/she is born. And as the child learns by observation, the home atmosphere is vital in these early impressionable years.

Guiding the child in today's world of exploding information is a challenging task and needs a concerted team effort by the parent, the school and the child. We at RMS International School believe that you as parents hold the primary right and responsibility in the education of your children.

Therefore their entrance into school is not the beginning but the continuation of their education. Hence, we wish to present ourselves as trained and able assistants in this important mission that you have already begun.

Since meaningful and proper assistance is not possible without your active involvement, my earnest request to you is to study the handbook carefully along with your child.

Our goal then, is to help your child attain full potential so that he/she becomes a productive and integrated member of the society.
I would here like to quote Swami Vivekananda' s favourite quotation from Katokopanishad;

"Arise, Awake, and Stop not till you reach the goal!"

Thank you for your support. We look forward for your co-operation with RMS International School. We wish each one of you all the very best.