The new Admission is mainly taken for Pre-Primary. Admissions for higher classes are subject to availability of seats.
The age limit for

a) Pre-KG 2 years 6 months.
b) LKG 3 years 6 months - 4 years 6 months.
c) UKG 4 years 6 months - 5 years 6 months.

Oral aptitude is tested for the admission to Montessori & LKG. Written Test is conducted in English & Maths based on the C.B.S.E syllabus of class he/she is studying for the admission for UKG onwards. Written test will be conducted on every Saturday.

•    Birth Certificate compulsory for Pre- Primary.
•   TC & Copy of the academic performance of the previous school is required for class - 1 onwards.
•    Photocopy of Blood Group Report.
•    5 Passport size photos.